Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Hi Everyone,

Hope  you are doing very well.  In today’s post I will write about my epxerience with Roghan Badam Shirin Almond Oil, which I have been using for many years now, and it’s numerous benefits. Sorry I forgot to write it’s review earlier :wacko:

Well, almond oil is very good for health and beauty. The numerous qualities of almond oil were discovered ages ago. I am sure most of us already know its health and beauty benefits, reiterated by our Moms and grannies a number of times :-)  Since decades it has been an integral part of Ayurveda in treating heart diseases, improving memory, delaying ageing and improving body strength.

Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Coming to the review part, Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin claims that it is 100 percent pure sweet almond oil. It can be applied externally for: hair care, under eye skin and face packs, and internally consumed through food and beverages. The oil is light yellow in color and has a crystal clear appearance. It has a nice almond oil fragrance.

Uses of ‘Roghan Badam shirin Almond oil‘

Strengthens brain and nerves- Put 5-10 drops of Roghan Badam Shirin in a glass of hot milk at night.  Drink the milk gradually; with overtime use this intake will strengthen brain and nerves.

Relives constipation- Almond oil is said to cure digestive problems. If you are facing constipation then either drink a tea spoon of almond oil directly or take it in hot milk until the problem cures.

Nourishes Skin– This deep moisturizing oil has a softening effect on the skin. It can be used as massage oil on the face and body. You can also use it to massage infants in postnatal care. The soothing effect of almond oil helps to maintain the moisture level in the body.

Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Reduces dark circles- Dip your index finger in almond oil and slightly rub it on the under eye skin. Do not rub it too hard as it will not get completely absorbed. This improves blood circulation; following this ritual daily not only lessens dark circles but also improves the texture of under eye skin. While massaging under eye skin make sure that the almond oil does not go in your eyes.

Improves hair strength and fights dandruff- Almond oil is the best natural hair oil remedy in most beliefs. Roghan badam shirin (Almond oil) is very effective in treating hair problems such as hair weakening, hair fall, hair loss and dandruff. Either mix it with any other essential oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or massage it directly on to the scalp and along the hair length. In winters, heat the oil first and then massage the scalp; hot oil treatments are said to work best. This improves blood circulation and controls all hair problems.

Salad dressing– Roghan Badam Shirin (Almond oil) contains monounsaturated fat and Vitamin E. Just as we use olive oil in salad dressing we can use roghan badam shirin as well. Just add a tea spoon of almond oil while preparing salad. This does not only savor the taste buds but also make the salad good for heart.

Strengthens nails- Roghan Badam Shirin can be used to massage the nails. The emollient property of almond oil boosts nail growth and strengthens them. In winters, it is recommended to massage your hands with almond oil to save them from excessive dryness.

Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Roghan Badam Shirin Almond oil review

Price of ‘Roghan Badam shirin Almond oil- INR 315 for 100 ml.

Online Availability: Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Hair Oil From Flipkart

Shelf life of ‘Roghan Badam shirin Almond oil‘- 3 years from manufacturing date.

Packaging of ‘Roghan Badam shirin Almond oil‘- Roghan Badam shirin comes in a glass bottle with a yellow screw cap. As the bottle is made of glass so it is easily breakable. You have to be careful while carrying it.

BABE Rating– 5/5

Will I repurchase it again?- Roghan Badam Shirin is really effective for both external and internal body problems. Considering so many positives of this product, I will definitely re purchase it.

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  1. tejinder says

    great review..i alwyz apply badaam roghan on my hair…its really a wonderful product

      • abhilash says

        I am truly agree with ur comment vashisht and yes it is indeed a great product made ever for the beautiful skin

        • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

          Yes Abhilash,almond oil is very helpful in attaining beautiful skin and good health.

          • amit says

            Hi shailja ji.well i am having hair problems now this wasn’t present before 2008,since then my hairline has been receding.i visited hamdard official website there i got to see many variants in hair care.There i saw this roghan shirin is this the same roghan badam hair oil which has been in the market for ages?and i am having dry dandruff on my head it develops even after applying you know if they have anti dandruff shampoo as well!!

      • Ria says

        There are so many in market which one to use for hair and skin, babaj alomnd oil – hamdard roghan badam or any other?

    • lilly says

      I used almond oil on my belly during pregnancy and had very few stretch mark. My midwive was amazed and always called in the other midwives and Drs. to look at my tummy and see what very little marks I had. I bought it because it smelled so good, I didn’t realize how good it was for my skin. I had 3 children and it helped my skin so much.

  2. janki says

    My skin is dry..i want to use Roghan badam almond it good for my dry nd dull skin ??? :-( :scratch:

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Yes Janki, you can definitely use it on your skin. Apply it at night and if you notice any irregularity in your skin then discontinue the use. I am using it on my forehead as it is getting very flaky and dry these days.

  3. Riya Kunal Raut says

    I am Riya. I just recently send a mail to the site related to the suggestion for me. Does Roghan badam oil is useful in removing pimple and pimple mark and rejuvenate skin.

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Riya, roghan badam shirin cannot be used to cure pimple but it can be used to fade out the pimple marks. I have replied to your mail, you can check the same for more details. Thanks for writing , take care :ThankYou:

  4. Bharat Attar says

    My dad and granddad are Ayurveda doctors. :good: They prefer the use of Almond oil as well. Its really effective for mental health. :good: A happy ‘n’ healthy life!! :ThankYou:

    • AdminShailja Vashisht says

      Hi Aman, Almond oil strengthens and improves the health of weaken hair. For dandruff mix lemon juice to almond oil and then apply on the scalp. Hope this helps !

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Ayesha, for dry skin it can be used in a face pack. I am little unsure about oily skin.
      However, to combat winter dryness, you should use milk cream or malai at night.

  5. Harshita singh says

    my scalp is itchy and every day too many hair falls.will rogan badam oil help to control my hair fall….kindly reply

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Harshita, as far as I know badam roghan can strengthen hair but does not help to control hair fall if the reason is other than hair weakening. You should consult a good hair specialist.

  6. Sanad says

    Looks good but I am wondering if his thair oil can be used by a sardarjii. Already Tejinder is using so wanted to get his experience. Teji do you use Pagri? Does you Pagri smell coz of thgis hair oil> Thanks for the reply

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Sanad, this oil does not have that much of smell… n more over being colorless it does not even leave any stain behind. So everybody can use this as a hair oil.

  7. Kiran Dere says

    Hi i am suffering from Hair loss and dandruff will these hair oil work and u have mentioned that it also removes pimples marks can it be beneficial to me as mine is already an oily skin . Please suggest how to apply on pimples mark

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Kiran, I am not sure about dandruff but if the hair loss is due to weakning then almond oil will definitely strengthen the roots and reduce hair fall.

      Regarding pimple marks, mix a tea spoon of almond oil with lemon juice and keep it in a small bottle. Using fingertip Lightly dab this concoction on pimple marks (preferably at night).

      Hope this helps, take care !

    • AdminBrideEveryday says

      Hey Sayali, I do not think it will lead to any substantial weight gain.. Moreover almond’s benefit outnumber any losses 😉

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Mohit, I am not sure about hair re-growth but it will definitely reduce hair fall by strengthening hair roots.

  8. Jiten Beniwal says

    hey my frnd can i mix almond oil with sesa hair oil.. i m suffering from heavy hair fall plz tell me …..

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Sorry Jiten, I have never given a try to Sesa oil so wont be to comment on the mixing part.

  9. vicky says

    Hi!!Good Evening..

    I D’nt the type of my skin(dry or oily) can i use it on my face before sleep.
    As regular face wash, daily i use Alovera mixed with Rose.
    Will it be helpful in improving my Complexion..

    Kindly Guide..Me.. :mail:

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Vicky, yes you can sparingly use it on your face. It makes skin healthier but does not do a great job on complexion part.

  10. Yacoub Fatho says

    Hi I am Yacoub from Israel how I can bay sweet almond oil ( Rohan badam shirin) ?

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Yacoub, you can get it either at local stores or major online shop stops such as amazon and ebay..

  11. Jess says

    Can Roghan almond oil be applied onto scalp and hair in the morning and then washed with Himalaya shampoo in the evening or could it be left on the scalp till the next day?
    Also, is it truly safe for consumption?
    Thank you.

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Jess, you can definitely leave it on till next day.. and it’s also safe to consume it.. I put a spoon of almond oil in warm milk on and off…

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Ajay, I think we can use it for massaging but I would prefer to consult the child specialist before doing that.

      • Rajat says

        Ajay, as per the massage part I would suggest you should use olive oil…. its good for little ones and also helps in getting rid of cradle cap. For consumption you can add a drop or two in milk for the kid until n unless he likes the taste.

  12. Punit Singh says

    Does it works to increase the weight of a body…………….n to strengthen d body muscles :rose: :-)

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Punit, I am not sure about weight gain but yes it improves your muscle strength !

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Anish.. I do not it will work on improving the complexion but yes can definitely see some improvement in your skin’s health.

  13. Binu says

    Hi shailaja,
    I have problem of less hair in my head,i want more hairs so i can style in different way too. Can i use every night before sleep? Is it helpful to remove pimple scar? If yes how to apply it on scar?

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Binu,

      Almond oil can strengthen hair roots which helps in preventing hair breakage or hair fall. As far as hair re-growth is concerned I think you need to check with a hair specialist.

      Regarding your second query of fading pimple marks, before going to bed dab almond oil on the scars using the index finger. This helps in fading the scars but demands some patience.

      Hope this helps !

  14. Palak says

    Hey Shailja I have a oily skin but have pimple scars Can I apply badam rogan overnight ? As I have oily skin so I want to be sure before using it as I am scared of pimples .

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Palak, You can dab the almond oil on just the scar area and keep it overnight.. I too have oily skin so I use multani mitti face packs most of the time to get clear and blemish free skin.. you can check the pack details Multani mitti pack and papaya face pack

      Hope this helps you in getting a clear skin ! Take care sweety !

  15. Rajeev Kardam says

    I am using this badam rogan oil under the eyes for last 3 days. I am using it at night and when i wake up in the morning my eyes are red.. and slightly pain in eyes. May be oil goes into the eyes ….Is there any side effect for eyes, if it happened so ??

    Awaiting for your responses.


    • Admin says

      Hi Rajeev,it should definitely not go inside eyes. Just dab very little quantity on under eye area keeping substantial distance from your water line.. if still you see redness or feel pain then please stop using it as the area might be allergic to almond oil. Hope this helps ! Take care

  16. Rajeev Kardam says

    Dear Vashisht ,
    How we use the badam roghan oil as diet for health…????

  17. zaina says

    Hello there, can I give a tea spoon of almond oil to my 2.7 yr old daughter to cure constipation and improve her memory?is it safe for her? Thank you.

  18. D S Sharma says


    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Sir… I would not recommend mixing almond oil with anything. Though it does take some time to show the results but as its all organic it usually does not cause any side effects.

  19. Venu says

    Badam oil will have Essential Fatty acids Omega -3,6,9 EFA which is used for brain relaxation and mood stabilization and Relief from Stress which gives good relaxation and sleep and calm mind.

  20. Matilda Sony says


    Your website seems to be very useful. My boy baby s 2 months 19days old. I wanted to knw whether I can use roghan badam oil for massaging him daily before bath. And will it cause cold because already he got severe cold.

    Thanks in advance

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Matilda, You can you almond oil for the massage.. massage is always good for the baby. But I guess, olive is much preferred choice when it comes to baby’s massage. Hope it helps, thanks !

  21. sarwesh Gupta says

    Hi…do I need to mix it with mustard oil for hair massage or I can apply badam rogan only…and how much in quantity a male can use for head massage only..and can I keep it overnight and wash it in the morning after applying it in the night…

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Its upto you if you want to mix it with mustard oil or not. I apply it both ways – alone and with mustard oil. I cannot comment on the quanity as it will depend on the volume of your hair. You need to have sufficient oil that can easily cover your entire scalp and hair.

      Also, it is perfectly fine to leave it on overnight. I often do so !

  22. manpreet says

    My skin is very dull n after 2months is my wedding….can I use this oil for glowing skin?

  23. faisal says

    I loss my hair almost 20%
    i want to use rogan badam oil
    is it effective to hair ?

  24. parul says

    Can i give badam shirin to my 8 month baby for constipation and in nose and ears for cold…tell me how much?

  25. komal says

    I have skin pigmentation problem and also pimple scars over my face. Would this roghan shirin help me to reduce that scars and pigmentation, if I use it regular before going to bed at night?

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Komal, to get rid of the scars and pigmenattion you might need to consult a dermatologist. This oil can help in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy though.

  26. sakshi says

    Hi shailja does almond oil help to remove stretch marks also.. I found stretch marks on my thighs after pregnancy. Three months r over now. Can stretch marks be protected now. If yes please tell how to apply oil.

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Sakshi, I do not think that they can be fully treated now. You should try the exclusive pregnancy stretch marks removal products that are available in the market. You have to religiously follow the application routine to get rid of them. Some of the products are advised to be applied twice a day.

      Almond oil does not help much in remving such marks.

  27. mohit singla says

    I have prob in falling of my hair.Does badam rogan reduce this. And plz also tell that the area on head where hair are not present will be filled by badam rogan..

  28. Roma Mundra says

    Hi, my daughter who is 7 years old has thin n scanty Hair. I m giving her protein supplement. I have switched over to almond oil n mixing it with coconut oil. Dont know how much will it help?? Does this oil help in increasing the volume n growth of hair?? Plzz help

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Roma, It can strengthen hair roots and prevent them from falling off so indirectly it can work in increasing hair volume. However, I have heard olive oil can bolster up hair growth while a person is in growing age. You may want to check that with your pediatrician.

      Hope this helps !

  29. Trisha says

    hi,I m using dabur badam rogan for dark circles,is it the same like shirin badam rogan.

  30. shweta mahure says

    hey …plz tell me doea this oil promotes new hair growth….cause i m using this oil for a month and a half nd i dont think it promotes new hair growth plzzz help me

  31. arshad ali says

    my hair loss is continue whenever i remove my hair two time in a year but my hair loss is continue can i use badam rogen to help me

  32. naz says

    hi ,
    iam naz , my lips was so black in color . they were dry and getting cracks even in summer
    can u plz suggest me what can i do ??
    Is roghan badam oil will help me to get out of this problem.

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Naz,

      You should softly exfoliate your lips before going to bed, followed by lip balm or almond oil – whatever you like.

      Also, buy an SPF infused lip balm during the day to protect your lips from getting pigmented. You should as well add some fresh fruits to diet, in addition to driking 3-4 litres of water a day.

      Hope this helps !

      Take care, shailja !

  33. kanika says


    I have a dry and acne prone skin.. Can I use badam rogan shirin for the better results? also my skin is getting dull.. please help

  34. sakshi says

    hi…m getting tired of take care of my hairs since 2 years…2 years ago i had a great hairfall so that my scalp is also visible…i tried many homeopathy treatments bt disappointed..

  35. kavya says

    I have dark circles under eye and some black marks will this roghan badam help to remove dose mark permanently..whether any side effects there? Plz do answer..

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Kavya, you can mix a drop or almond oil with a drop of honey, and apply the mixture on your under eye area. It works for me, but you need to wait for at least 3 weeks to start seeing the results.

  36. says

    I have dark circle under my eyes and some black mark on face..whether this oil permanently remove those marks.Plz do reply plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Kavana, you can mix a drop or almond oil with a drop of honey, and apply the mixture on your under eye area. It works for me, but you need to wait for at least 3 weeks to start seeing the results.

  37. gunwant pawar says

    Hi there,

    My hair has become thin in front and back side too.will this oil will help me out for regrowth of new hair? Front side hair regrowth has stopped so I am a bit worried so plz help me wid ur valuable suggestion to get rid out of this problem.Thanks.

  38. Sana says

    Hi mam,I hav started using alomond oil under my eyes from last 2 3 days and a have a very dark under eyes I want to just get rid of it as soon as possible. As I’m a student I don’t prefer the idea of applying the veggies juice on daily basis and alomond oil for is a better alternative as it does not consume my to much effort to apply .but the problem is from last two days I have not noticed any change and I’m not sure is it working on me or I just wanted to.who much time does it take to show effects and to completely get rid of it…thanks in advance… :ThankYou: :ThankYou:

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Sana, You need to wait for atleast three week to start seeing the results. Plus, you can mix a drop of almond oil with a drop of honey and apply the mixture on your under eye area. This also provides reprive from dark circles.

  39. mubeen says

    Thank You for the review, i’m already using Roghan Badam hair oil since 3 days, my hair is week & there is tremendous hair loss, now i will use it regularly to see its effects.

  40. Yogiga says

    I am suffering from constipation.. Can I take almond oil directly or mix it with milk.. Which way is good

  41. sagar says

    I have got red stretch marks on my chest, it seems as if my skin is torn apart. I have been applying for warm rogan badam shirin oil for two weeks now, but havent noticed any change.Shall i continue or try something else?

  42. Sharon says

    I’ve lot of hair loss problems, and my hair is getting very weak,damage prone ,dandruff with spilt ends and thining of hair.It has become very dull,frizzy and unmangeable.Can i use the mixture of almond oil and coconut for hair and apply it leave overnight and wash with regular shampoo. Reply

  43. manoj says

    can Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin swwet badam oil use for 9 month baby massage..? and can I add 1-2 drops of oil into baby feeding cow milk..?

  44. Shireen Srivastava says

    Hi Shailja, can I use this oil to massage my one year old baby’s hair as well as her skin? Can I mix it with her milk too?

  45. Pooja says

    i have dark circle on eye. dr. told me its hyperpigmentation. dr. suggest me use Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream. i used it night. but some friends advice me to use rogan badam can apply both. plz suggest me asap.

  46. Preethi says

    I am using this almond oil since 3 years, its an amazing oil which made my hair thick and lustrous and helped to control hair fall. And am not sure its moisturizing effects on facial skin, am scared to apply on my pimply skin thinking it may worsen the problem.

    Any suggestions for clear and healthy skin please !!


  47. Ekta jain says

    Mam I had so much glow on my face but due to dry it goes what I can I use bring it back…..I use malaai or else badaam rogan oil….many people says that both give darkness to skin and dnt use oil on face…plz suggest me

  48. mona says

    Hiiii…..i have many problem by my hairs are fallling to much can i use this oil on my scalp….this oil my be decrese hair fall?? And it my be usefull for hair growth?? This oil not reaction on hairgrowth?

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