How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

Hi Everyone,

In this hectic lifestyle we often overlook small things that can bring big differences to our skin care regimen. One such small thing that has plentiful benefits without much time investment is Rose Water – a by-product of flower rose. Irrespective of the skin type, it has consistently been in use from generations. If you have not heard of the benefits of rose water or do not know how to use rose water in correct manner then in that case this article might prove very helpful to you.

In this article when I am talking about rose water I am referring to ‘Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal’. However, you can take any other brand’s rose water – as long as its ingredient list contains less or no chemical constituents.

Ingredient list of Dabur gulabari gulab jal contains:

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

Price of Dabur gulabari gulab jal- INR 39 for 120ml.

Shelf life of Dabur gulabari gulab jal- 2 years from manufacturing date.

Now, coming to uses and benefits of rose water; we can use rose water:

1 In face packs – Replace regular water with dabur gulabari gulab jal(rose water) in home-made face packs. Doing so will intensify the effects of face pack along with the effects of rose water. This may also lighten your skin tone and make your skin soft & supple.

2 With glycerin – Mix dabur gulabari gulab jal (rose water), lemon and glycerin in equal proportions, and store this mixture in a container. Apply this mixture in the night and rinse it off with normal water in the morning. You will notice a prominent improvement in skin tone and texture. Keep this container near your bed so that you do not forget to apply it every night :-)

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

3 As an impurity cleanser – Dab some dabur gulabari gulab jal (rose water) on cotton ball and cleanse your face. It removes impurities and refreshes your face.

4 As an eye rejuvenator – Put some dabur gulabari gulab jal (rose water) in a bowl, dip 2 cotton balls in it and store the bowl in refrigerator for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, place the cotton balls on your eyes for 20-25 minutes. This will bring relief to tired eyes and reduce puffiness.

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

5 In bathing – While bathing, add a cup of dabur gulabari gulab jal (rose water) to your bucket. This will not only soften your skin but also leave a wonderful scent of rose on your body. You will have a marvellous bathing experience.

6 To treat oiliness – Mix half a spoon of dabur gulabari gulab jal (rose water) with tomato juice. Apply this mixture on face for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with normal water. This will reduce oiliness and keep your face fresh for whole day long.

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

How To Use Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal – Rose Water

7 In scrubbing – While scrubbing face, intermittently you can dip your fingers in a dabur gulabari gulab jal (rose water) bowl. This will smoothen the scrubbing and make it more effective.

In case you use rose water differently and have witnessed good results, please share the usage :mail: , I would love to see you connecting on our social media platforms.

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  1. Shivi@COSMOCHICS says

    Nice! Thanks for sharing the ideas! I too use it in masks and for facial rejuvenation! will follow rest steps now!

  2. raisa says

    Rose water mixed with chandan i.e sandalwood powder helps reduce dark circles under eyes and puffiness..
    and also if applied on face,it can reduce the dark spots visible on face or under the chin i.e under the lower lip..
    Tried it and it really worked..hope its useful..
    Thank You :rose:

    • Simran says

      Hey raisa..
      I wnt to knw did it really work if we use dabur gulab jal with sandal powder??
      Nd v hve to make it paste??
      Nd in hw mch quantity
      nd v hve to use regulrly?..
      I’ll glad if u rply..

      • Shailja Vashisht says

        Yes, it works dear. Just ensure that the paste is of semi thick consistency and not runny ! If you have to use it locally then it can be every alternate day.

        • Simran Ahuja says

          Firstly ty dear
          Well in a paste wat will b more gulab JAL or sanadl pwdr and sndl pwdr is of yelow clur so it leave its colur..pls tell me dear

          • Shailja Vashisht says

            In that case you can mix a spoon of fullers earth, mix half a spoon of sandalwood powder, and add gulab jal until you get the desired consistency. Follow the pack with a good moisturizer.

          • Simran Ahuja says

            Which sndl pwdr??? Any1 or any spcl 1 can u tell me name of brand and fillers earth?? Wats dat :good:

  3. raisa says

    Rose water mixed with mint juice can reduce the acne and fade away the acne scars..
    Equal amount of Rose water and mint juice should be mixed and then should be applied with the help of cotton balls..keep for 20mins and then rinse off and continue it untill u nOtice a visible change on ur face..and then atlast tadaaa you’ll get an acne free and glowing skin very soOn..its very effective if you apply it for over the night and rinse it off in the morning :)

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Did you apply this yesterday to get the glowing effect today ? 😉

      Happy Valentine’s day ! :rose:

      • raisa says

        nope hun unfortunately i don’t have a valentine..but yeah i did apply it last night and nOticed a small change so,thats why i posted it here..
        And yeah wish u the same dear :rose:

        • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

          Awww..hope you find your true valentine in near future… :heart: n thanks for sharing these valuable tips !

          • aleenaliyana says

            hey can u plz tell whether we will become fair in dabur gulabari?
            if yess how?

  4. rabiya ali says

    Hii everyone I want to say that gulabari is most important partner of our beauty should be apply on face daily ,in the morning and at night…..I like gulab jal very much. :bye:

  5. rabiya ali says

    It’s fragrence is too much lovely….in summers bath is incomplete without it.

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      Ashish, if you get pure gulab jal (not a cosmetic one) then it can be used as an eye drop.. Gulab jal is often used in homeopathic eye medicines.

  6. manisha Dasgupta says

    You are miracle on the earth Dabur products and specially Tilottama Dabur Gulabari Gulab jal…

    • Shailja VashishtShailja Vashisht says

      You are right Manisha, Gulabari is very helpful in many ways.. especially in Summer !

  7. manisha Dasgupta says

    thanks Shailija, yes, rose is truly King of flowers and imagine king is taking care of you ,,,, its wowwwww and hatsss of to the efforts of Dabur tilottama group for inventing such wonderful product. It aroma is so soothing and gentle and refreshing that you feel DEEP INNER PEACE in mind for sure.

  8. Abhishek says

    can I use this after washing my face with face wash……. and then apply the the rose water… like a cream , i used everyday , whenever i go to college …. n some where else ….. please tell me…
    Thank u…. :)

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Yes Abhishek, you should always use gulab jab on a cleansed face. Use a good face wash for cleansing and then using a gulab jal soaked cotton pad wipe off the left impurities.

  9. sree says

    hey folks…

    i just now got dabur gulabari gulab.. applied once..but m afraid whthr i vl get pimples coz i have a clear face nd i havnt tried much facial pdts :-) ,, does it have any side effects..???

    thanks in adv. :ThankYou:

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Sree.. as of now we have not heard of any facial side effects of dabur gulabari… Ideally it should not break your skin out but if you feel any rednees or itchiness then you should quickly wash your face.
      Hoping for the best though !

  10. Bobby says

    heyyy can someone tell me if i can use my daily face cream after cleanin my face with gulab??

  11. Vishal says

    Mein thoda saavla hun & my my skin is also rough . . . . Plz guide me . . . Will gulab jal be helpful :) . . I wanna look more clean & glow

  12. priyanka says

    I applied glycetine lemon And Rose Water Mixture To My Face Two Nights But frankly Speaking I Didnt Notice Any Changes My Forrhead Is Full Of Pimples And Even After Applying there Is No mprovement Plz Help Me

  13. Sneha says

    hie..if i use dabur gulabari gulab jal on my face and keep for 15-20 mins then can i simply rinse my face with water or i have to wash with soap?

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Yes Sneha, You can rinse it off with plain water. No need to apply soap, and also I think 15-20 mins would be too much. I would suggest you to just keep it on for a minute or so, or you can use it as a toner. Take some gulab jal on a cotton swab and wipe your face with it. Hope this helps !

  14. Annushia says

    Hai can I apply this on my face before bed and leave it overnight or do I have to wash it after application?


  15. light says

    how much time can rose water applied on skin n can we immediately wash our face with a face wash? can we mix rose water n honey n use it?

  16. ekta says

    it can be used as hair conditioner… after shampoo u can use 1 cup of rose water and rinse ur hair it will make ur hair smoother and will give a nice scent… i have tried it worked… :clap_s:

  17. archana says

    Gulabri contents chemical ingredients which is clearly mentioned on that label so dont consider it as Rose water rose water is a distilled water from rose petals . Pure rose water can be such cheap if you found in such cheap prices it cant be pure.

    You may try kama ,forest essential or petals for pure form.

  18. Honey says

    Rose water along with glycerin applying on face and do we need to wash face after applying.
    And if no need to wash after applying it can we apply facial cream like fair and lovely like that

  19. parisa says

    i have oily skin and sometimes with acne, does the water rose good for cleaning my skin day and night? do i have to wash with water after applying it? :unsure:

  20. danish ovicii says

    my skin is going rough and also m feeling huge bags under my eyes… eyes remain puff
    i dont know why…?
    Suitable advise please regarding gulab jal

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Danish, You can placed a cotton pad soaked in rose water on your eyes. Close you eyes, lay the pads on them and rest for 10-15 minutes. You will see the puffiness vanishing after a couple of attempts.

  21. suneel krr says

    Can I use gulab jal with my daily facewash ….and after apply gulab jal on my face can I leave it or wash in any certain duration

  22. Jyoti says

    After applying rosewater on my face should I apply some fairness cream also….

  23. shabeena says

    I Have use gulab jal in different way and see change. I am using gulab jal with some drops of lemon and glycreen in night from one month I have some change. Thanks dabur gulabari.. :yahoo: :ThankYou:

  24. shruti says

    Can I use d mix of rose water nd glycerin before gng to sunrays r aftr apply dis should I use sunscreen cream?

    • Shailja Vashisht says

      Hi Shruti, Using suncreen would be better as rose water + glycerin can not protect your skin from harmful sunrays. Rather you can apply this mixture at night, before going to bed.

  25. gaurav says

    If rose water can be applied with face pack of multani mitti and turmeric . It will be very effective for acne and it also improves skin tone ..

  26. manisha says

    actually i hav dry skin and due to hormonql problem i hav som pimples and small moles on my face…i m cnfusd hw to use rose water….plssssss hlp…..

  27. husain says

    hey can we apply glycerin and rose water on hair on daily basis?? does it have any side effects

  28. shree says

    Happy morning, :-)
    Could some one pls suggest me whether shall I use d rose water daily during night
    Suggest me d ways to use d rose water in night with some other ingredients.

  29. rahul says

    I have oily skin so how to use Sandwood powder in face….with gulab jal and how much quantity ……kitni der tak face pe lagana h……nd lukewarm water se face wash karu ya normal water se

  30. nagmaoh says

    i heard that dabar gulab jal leave skin black im really worried pls say isanyone is using gulab jal pls say ur experience

  31. Gurbaksh says

    Please , tell me…….
    Can we use this Dabur gulabari….gulabari jal… eye drops…???

    Is it safe for that??

  32. sumayya says

    Mam we can mix Multani mitti with rose water and apply on face and should we wash our face after using only rose water or we should not wash after using

  33. satya says

    mam I m using sandalwood with mixing with dabur gulab jal continues ly 1 mnth bt there is no effect on my face

  34. Shantanu Dey says

    Thanks for the beautiful article :heart: Gulabjal ya feels so fresh when applied. I just have one question in mind where do we find pure gulab jal.. For eye drops purpuse. And can we make gulab jal in home? If yes what’s the procedure dear :unsure:

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